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Biting Back: Antrim need support in promotion bid

By Declan Bogue

Dunno what to make of Antrim footballers? But then again, isn’t that what anyone would say about them, year on year, as they get to know what they are about and they go through the January player auditions?

For the last few weeks, new manager Frankie Fitzsimons would have learned an awful lot about the art and science of management. He has good form as a successful club manager at underage, but it’s the constant plate-spinning act a county manager has to perform that surprises all that go into it.

So far, they have pleaded for patience. They are on a three or four year plan. That would indicate that Frankie will be there for that length of time, and continuity is precisely what they require.

Already, the backroom and the staff Fitzsimons has gathered has looked most impressive.

The players have praised the input of Mick McGurn as strength and conditioning coach and you can’t help but detect their silent frustration that the Saffrons are playing catch-up in the physical stakes.

During Sunday’s second half, they could get the ball to full-forward Michael Pollock, but struggled to give him any supporting runners. As the game wore on they also began to look a bit leggy,  but that’s to be expected in January.

Their announcement that they will play their league games at St Paul’s is a boost.

They can tap into the Rossa, St Paul’s, Sarsfields support and gather up a decent, hopefully vocal, Belfast following.

Their priority has to be promotion. It starts on February 1st with a home game against Carlow.

You should get along to it. It would be worth your while.

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