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Biting Back: Autobiography wave just in time for Christmas

By Steven Beacom

So, what's the best sporting autobiography you've read? My favourite is John McEnroe - Serious, published over a decade ago.

It's a wonderful insight into one of sport's most fascinating and gifted characters. McEnroe does not spare himself. Glorious tennis player, but boy, could he be a nasty piece of work.

Some would say the same about Roy Keane and Kevin Pietersen, whose recently released controversial books have done a roaring trade.

Going one better than causing ripples for content inside, cricketer Adam Gilchrist's second autobiography, just out, has created debate in Australia because of the title on the front.

It's called: 'Adam Gilchrist: The Man, the Cricketer, the Legend'.

Down Under he's copped some flak for being bold enough to give himself the 'legend' tag despite being the finest wicketkeeper/batsman ever who helped transform the way the game was played with his aggressive style at the crease.

Who knew the Aussies rated modesty so much?

Yesterday India's Rohit Sharma smacked 264 runs from 172 balls against Sri Lanka for the highest individual score in one day cricket. It was the heavy hitting and quick scoring of Gilchrist that made other players believe those sorts of figures were possible.

Gilchrist, 43 today, has earned his 'legend' status. And anyway, never judge a book by its cover. If Adam's latest tome is as compelling as his first, 'True Colours', it'll be a cracking read.

Incidentally Brian O'Driscoll, Sachin Tendulkar, Rio Ferdinand, Ian Poulter and a few other high profile sports stars have books out too. Sure sign Christmas is coming!

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