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Biting Back: Conor McGregor must bin the trash talk

By Declan Bogue

I must admit, I am not fully sure if I 'get' the Conor McGregor UFC fighting phenomenon. On closer consideration, I have concluded it is a generational thing.

Back in the day, we used to prefer our sporting heroes with humility. I think of Barry McGuigan in particular who respected his opponents when so much of boxing is deliberately hyped in order to stir interest and finance.

McGregor is different. He is a Celtic Tiger cub, with no hangups and over-stocked in the confidence department. His trash-talking can stray into seriously poor taste and there is a sense that he is a little too full of himself, as he prepares to face Jose Aldo on July 11 for the featherweight UFC title in Las Vegas.

However, get beyond the front, and McGregor has more front than Brighton, and he has many attributes worthy of admiration. There are tons of footage of his training regimes on You Tube and one cannot watch them without being seriously impressed.

When he strays from the insults, he talks about how everything he has achieved is as a result of having put the work in, over the course of years. It is an overwhelmingly positive message really.

One of a younger generation is Derry hurler Conor McSorley, who is so inspired by McGregor that he wrote his own rap song, titled 'The Takeover' and posted on You Tube. McGregor is the voice of the Twitter sporting generation, let's hope he allows his more thoughtful side to shine through.

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