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Biting Back: Current GAA system is still an improvement

Donegal's Paddy McBrearty has played 24 championship games at the age of 21
Donegal's Paddy McBrearty has played 24 championship games at the age of 21
Declan Bogue

By Declan Bogue

Right about now, the top brass of the GAA in Croke Park will be sifting through a number of different proposals on how best to re-imagine the All-Ireland football and hurling Championships. The deadline for any proposals has now passed and we pity those whose task it is to go through all the documents.

You can't be a real thinker on the GAA unless you have a proposal of your own. The more radical the better, but just enough tradition within to keep the purists happy.

We should bear in mind however, that whatever happens, the current system we have is so much better than the one that went before it.

We are still reeling from the revelation in Peter Canavan's column that in his first four years playing Championship football, he played a total of four games, Tyrone being beaten in the first round each year.

When you compare it to Paddy McBrearty of Donegal, with his 24 Championship games at the age of 21, you see how the public were robbed of Canavan in his youngest years.

The qualifiers have encapsulated the clichés. They can be the source of redemption, or they can be the graveyard of dreams.

Now that we are down to knockout football, every play has significance. From now on, everything is on the line. That might change in the future, so enjoy it while we can.

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