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Biting Back: Dessie Farrell should be applauded for comments

CEO of the Gaelic Player's Association, Dessie Farrell
CEO of the Gaelic Player's Association, Dessie Farrell
Declan Bogue

By Declan Bogue

The following are some quotes from a sporting figure yesterday on the practice of goading your opponent. Please read carefully.

"It's just an issue that we need to get on top of because it doesn't augur well for the game. It's horrible, horrible to look at.

"I think the managers and coaches need to step up to the plate here as well. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's being encouraged by some coaches, but I'd definitely go so far as to say that coaches are turning a blind eye to it in certain situations and that can't be tolerated.

"My sense is that we'll have to go through a process but that there will be a change in behaviour, that players will see the negative impact on the game can be so damaging that it needs to be removed.

"Also from their own perspective, they need to be more clued in to what types of behaviour they're getting involved in and how that's seen by a wider audience."

The interviewee? CEO of the Gaelic Player's Association, Dessie Farrell. He also spoke of how, as a manager, he would detest one of his players being involved in such verbals.

Many GAA journalists, including myself, have been critical of Farrell in the past for his inaction on certain subjects, so I think he must be congratulated on taking such an uncompromising and firm stance on this poison that has exploded over the past month.

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