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Biting Back: Don't worry Rory McIlroy, they're just jealous

Kentucky fried please, Rory. And that's exactly what he served up. Delicious.

By Ali Gordon

As Rory McIlroy heads home for a well-earned break before flying to Manchester to see his beloved United in their first game of the season – and to parade the Claret Jug AND the Wanamaker Trophy at Old Trafford – let's just take a moment to absorb what is actually happening.

We are witnessing history, and not just in terms of sport. Northern Ireland is on the map for all the right reasons.

There will always be those hateful keyboard warriors who can't even lift themselves off a sofa to swing a golf club who will continue to put him down. But jealousy is a funny thing.

So what if he chose to represent Ireland at the Olympics? He's allowed to. Did he bottle it? Maybe. But why can't people just appreciate the fact that it was his extraordinary single-mindedness that helped him make that decision and it's exactly what has helped him win two Majors in just two months.

And that's it. It isn't about politics, it isn't about religion. It's about Rory being Rory being the best in the world at what he does.

At just 25-years-old, the curly-haired Holywood ace has shown exactly why being single-minded has worked. As soon as he didn't like what was going on at his management team, he changed it and as soon as he thought the pressure of his engagement to Caroline Wozniacki was too much, he ended it.

Now he's committed to the gym, married to his sport, a four-time Major winner and well on his way to becoming the greatest golfing talent the world has ever seen.

So let's just sit back and watch the greatness that is unfolding before our eyes.

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