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Biting Back: Go on the run as a new year resolution

By Declan Bogue

Any resolutions? Gonna finally lose that stone you have been meaning to shift, or get ripped in the New Year?

As a result of that kind of thinking, gymnasiums for the next month will be choc-a-bloc with that most feared standing order enthusiast; the January Zealot.

You will recognise him and/or her by their new training kit and the boxfresh trainers. They will inevitably be performing complicated stretches and discussing the latest fad diet.

And a month later, the population of this noble tribe will have died off almost entirely. Gym rats will have all that lovely grunt space back to themselves.

It might sound like I scorn the January Zealot. I don't, I genuinely admire the willpower it takes to get yourself into a gym with all this heightened sense of body-consciousness about. I also venture that they are put off by the lack of results after a month and how hard it can be to balance diet with this new exercise regime.

And most of all, people fail to recognise that the gym is an inherently boring place.

However, sport is like music, it's just a matter of finding the right genre for your tastes. If you are wondering what sport might suit you, I recommend you might start with running. Give it a whirl and see if it suits you.

Today, New Year's Eve, a whole clatter of big, small, fat and thin people will gather in rural Loughmacrory, Co Tyrone, for the annual five mile road race, with the pistol sounding at high noon.

On New Year's Day, something similar will happen in Glenariff Forest Park with the Race over the Glens.

Give it a go. You might surprise yourself.

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