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Biting Back: Is Platini brave enough for this idea?

By Stuart McKinley

Say what you like about Michel Platini, but he's not afraid to throw out an idea and then run with it, no matter how crazy others think it is.

Moving the Champions League final to a Saturday night was one of the first changes the former France midfield star made when he became the top man in European football.

Personally, I think it was a good call.

With no obvious candidate to host the 2020 European Championships, Platini came up with another brave idea – it's supposed to be to celebrate the competition's 60th anniversary, but that's really just a convenient excuse – and last Friday we found out exactly where all the matches will take place, with the tournament being played right across the continent.

How successful or not that is, we'll find out in another six years.

I've another idea for Platini to consider.

In 2017 it will be 25 years since the inception of the Champions League. You know, the hugely-inaccurately named, yet money-spinning Uefa flagship.

How about a quarter of a century after the European Champions Cup was replaced, we go back to a proper competition just for league title winners?

And with an open draw too, giving our clubs a chance to face the best.

Would Platini be brave enough to go for it though, knowing that he might become very unpopular with only one team each from the likes of England, Germany, Italy and Spain being allowed to compete?

I'm not sure he's that crazy.

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