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Biting Back: It's better when it's all picture, no sound

In with a shout: Serena Williams
In with a shout: Serena Williams

By Ali Gordon

BBC Radio One made me giggle on the way to work. On the breakfast show they were having a quiz to see who could tell whether the ear-piercing noises being broadcast came from Serena Williams, Victoria Azarenka or a fox.

Merging all of the clips together made it sound like a farmyard competition to see who could grunt the loudest. Funny, but it got me thinking.

Is that really all people are talking about after arguably the greatest female tennis player of all overcame a former world number one in an superb match at Wimbledon?

Okay, so it would be a lie to say that I hadn't considered muting the tennis once or twice due to the ridiculous grunting, but I would probably have switched channels if I was seeing a match where players weren't giving their all. Isn't that what people want and pay for? To see sportspeople producing top performances?

Azarenka responded with a pop at the crowd suggesting they had been drinking too much Pimm's: "Every time the announcer says 'Make sure you hydrate yourself', I think he means with water, not alcohol," she rapped. Probably not what she should have said, but that Pimm's does look rather refreshing.

Whether it's weightlifting or Wimbledon, there are annoying aspects of most sports. But when these court stars are playing at their best, who cares? Just mute it. It saves you from listening to the commentary anyway.

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