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Biting Back: Lance Armstrong has lost a lot of respect

By Graham Luney

I read with interest the news that Lance Armstrong is planning a new book.

You remember Lance? The man who conned many into believing his record seven successive Tour de France triumphs were won without doping.

So where should we look for this new publication? In the fact or fiction section or a small area reserved for lying bullies.

The disgraced cyclist got it spot on with the title of his first book 'It's Not About the Bike'. It was really all about cheating and Lance got away with it for so long. Now he's admitted he would still be lying about doping to this day had he not been unmasked two years ago.

Now the man who fought cancer and all attempts to expose him as a fraud is serving a life ban from sport.

But wait for it, the 42-year-old says the new book needs to be "pretty intense and transparent."

He added: "There has to be totally no bulls***."

But as usual, it's all about Lance and not the people he hurt and let down.

He may need the royalties from any book if he loses a £60m lawsuit filed by the US Federal Government in an attempt to recoup the money it invested in sponsoring his Tour de France-winning US Postal team.

The truth is that Armstrong has lost the respect he craved.

If you aren't an honest champion, you aren't a champion.

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