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Biting Back: Losing $10m in FedEx Cup has got to hurt Rory McIlroy

By Ali Gordon

Rory McIlroy claimed last weekend that winning a title means more to him than money ever will. Fair enough when you already live in a £6.7 million mansion in Florida with a £240,000 car sitting in your driveway, I suppose.

But losing $10 million has got to hurt, no matter who you are.

McIlroy missed out on the big bucks after Billy Horschel recorded the greatest win of his career at the Tour Championship on Sunday to secure the FedEx Cup honours and the colossal pay-out.

Meanwhile, Andy Sullivan earned a trip to space after landing a hole-in-one in the final round of the KLM Open in Zandvoort, Netherlands.

Seven years have passed now since Sir Nick Faldo blasted top golfers for being more interested in their pay packets than actually winning tangible rewards.

Ironically, for a man worth £34 million, his comments came just as he was about to miss out on the massive rewards awaiting the generations to come.

But Faldo's comments have been backed up by Ian Poulter, who believes that top golfers earn so much money that it has started to devalue its worth.

And it does all seem a bit excessive, doesn't it? Winning a trip to the moon for getting a ball in a hole or earning enough money to take yourself to the moon 40 times if you wanted.

Then again, I don't have a £6.7 million mansion in Florida nor a £240,000 car sitting in my driveway, so I guess maybe I'm just a little bitter too...

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