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Biting Back: No sympathy for Nigel Pearson if Leicester go down

By Steven Beacom

Nigel Pearson in press conferences. Discuss. If you don't know who he is, he would probably call you an ostrich.

To fill you in, he's the Leicester City manager trying to keep his team in the Premier League.

Over the course of the season he has also become known for taking journalists to task if he has a problem with their questions in post match press conferences.

No issue with that, he's entitled to have his say, but the way Pearson treated a reporter on Wednesday night after his side's defeat to Chelsea was way out of line.

It's one thing entering into a debate or indeed having a full scale barney before both parties move on.

From Carlos Alberto to Sammy McIlroy, I've been there myself in press conferences. It kinda goes with the territory.

But in midweek Pearson tried to demean the reporter (Ian Baker of Wardles Press Agency) who asked him about, ironically enough, receiving criticism. Pearson labelled Baker an ostrich with his head in the sand and continued to wade in by calling him stupid and daft.

It wasn't so much the words, as the way he said it, sneering at Baker as if he was something nasty on his shoe.

Pearson showed no class.

At least he had the good grace to apologise to Baker at yesterday's press conference.

Even so I get the feeling there won't be much sympathy for Pearson should Leicester go down.

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