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Biting Back: Odyssey shows we have a top-class venue

By Stuart McKinley

I think I'm safe in saying that Phil Taylor, Adam Keefe, Carl Frampton, Noel Gallagher and Martin Kemp don't have a lot in common.

One thing they do share is that they've all appeared at the Odyssey Arena in the last week or so.

Isn't it fantastic that thanks to having a fit-for-purpose venue Belfast can host some of the world's top sportsmen, as well as great musical talent?

As Frampton takes the next step in his career as World champion he has now outgrown the Odyssey. In order to meet the demand for tickets it'll be an outdoor venue next for him. I can't help thinking that a stadium at the Maze would have met the needs.

That's old ground though and it's not going to happen, so let's focus on what we have.

Ulster's Kingspan Stadium is now a venue to be proud of - which is why it will host the Pro12 final this season.

The new Windsor Park is starting to take shape and if a compromise can be found the GAA will have a great new stage for their top stars at a Casement Park.

With the Odyssey staff working all hours to change the layout of the place from one day to the next over the last week it's being used to its full potential.

I know they can't be totally multi-use, but I just hope the Kingspan, Windsor and Casement don't become venues that are used once a fortnight.

Otherwise we should have sent them all to the Maze and made more use of the money.

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