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Biting Back: Rodney, how do I put this... you don't live here anymore

By John Laverty

Rodney, how do I put this... you don't live here anymore.

It's one of the classic lines of dialogue from Only Fools and Horses, delivered by an exasperated Dell after perennial plonker Rodney had plonked himself down in Chez Trotter, seemingly forgetting that he was now married to Cassandra and living somewhere else.

It's easy to recall that memorable scene when you see Sir Alex Ferguson acting the way he did at the KC Stadium on Boxing Day.

Wearing almost identical garb to the current Manchester United manager David Moyes, Fergie appeared to have 'done a Rodney' and forgotten that he retired at the end of last season.

Rather bizarrely, some observers are now suggesting that the ex-boss's 'presence' is having a positive effect on the team, whose victory over Hull City two days ago was their fifth in a row.

These same wise men were suggesting the exact opposite a month ago when Moyes' men were struggling, the Scot supposedly feeling intimidated by his omnipresent compatriot.

Ironically, it was Ferguson who stood in the middle of the Old Trafford pitch – centre stage, mais oui – on the final day of the 2012-13 season, urging the fans to get behind his replacement.

Fergie should now practice what he preaches by being less obtrusive, and letting Moyes rise and fall on his own merits.

It was something Sir Matt Busby struggled with after he retired from the United hotseat. Hopefully Fergie's emulation of his predecessor will not stretch that far.

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