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Biting Back: Seriously, why can't Arsene Wenger beat the big boys?

By Steven Beacom

The biggest mystery in football revolves around the financial mess at Rangers because no one truly knows what the heck is going on.

The weekend's coming so we'll leave that for another day and focus on another footballing riddle… why can't Arsenal defeat other big clubs?

Arsene Wenger's side have failed to win in 15 Premier League games against English teams also competing in that season's Champions League.

And you wonder why not even the most optimistic Gooner thinks their club will lift the title this side of the Qatar World Cup.

It is a problem Wenger has to solve because despite the frustrations of some Arsenal supporters, the Frenchman is staying put.

He'll remain the boss for as long as he wants. Just one trophy (last season's FA Cup) since the same competition was won in 2005 has been enough to safeguard Wenger's position because he continually guides the north London outfit towards Champions League qualification and all the millions that come with it.

Arsenal may be fifth in the table right now, and are only that high thanks to the individual brilliance of Alexis Sanchez, but you just know come May they will have made it into the top four again because that's what they do.

After winning doubles in 1998 and 2002 and being Invincible under Wenger in 2003/2004, it's no surprise the Emirates faithful crave more.

They want another title, but to have any chance they must stand up to the big boys in the playground.

Sunday would be a good time to start. Arsenal travel to Manchester City.

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