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Biting Back: SKY's failure to report Carl Frampton fight seems petty

By Jim Gracey

Contrary to appearances, not everyone is permanently hooked up to the iron lung of social media.

There are times some of us still rely on conventional sources of information... and not just the elderly, the technophobes and all those who've got a life outside their mobile phones, thank you.

Or in my case, those travelling home from abroad at an unsocial hour.

Landing too late to catch the local radio and TV bulletins, living in a Wi-Fi no-go area, and desperate to learn the result of the Frampton fight, I turned to SKY, that 24 hour receptacle of sport, big and small.

Lead item? Japan's Nichikori beating Djokovic in the US Open tennis semi-final.. a big shock so we'll give them that. But on and on the loop spooled around the world of sport and still no mention of the outcome of a world title boxing match in Belfast.

And then the penny dropped... the Titanic Showdown was on the rival Box Nation channel, not SKY.

SKY Sports do many things well, notably golf and Premiership football; also Irish League football, although this is reportedly under review.

But is sport only newsworthy if that sport is in SKY's pocket? In demeaning Carl Frampton's world title achievement for the pettiest of reasons, SKY performed a great disservice to its boxing audience in general, those in Northern Ireland in particular but, above all, to itself.

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