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Biting Back: Time will tell if Radamel Falcao is worth £43m

By Jenny Johnston

A cool £43m to Monaco in exchange for Radamel Falcao? According to rumours that Manchester United may fork out this massive sum to make the Colombian’s loan permanent, it’s clear they think that he is worth it. But would Sir Alex Ferguson? The simple answer — no.

Not if his previous actions are anything to go by. To illustrate, let’s rewind to the 2008-09 season when United rather offhandedly rejected the chance to make Carlos Tevez a permanent signing for £25m.

So what makes United think that the best way of following in ex-manager Fergie’s ground-breaking footsteps would be to completely defy his previous ideals?

Perhaps dishing out double Tevez’s sum for a sensational player who would completely transform the club would make sense.

But with Falcao hitting the back of the net only three times for United in 13 games and possessing the weakest shot-conversion rate of and of the club’s attackers, £43m would seem like a mad punt.

With Sir Alex’s voice of reason long gone, United appear to have misplaced all sense — and most of their money — for a rather undeserving player.

And why? Because football is showbusiness. Yes, footballers are paid to keep their bodies in impeccable condition, to entertain fans to a satisfactory degree to fill both stadium and sofa seats.

They face abuse by rivals (Yes Luis Suarez, I’m looking at you!) and every success and failure will be scrutinised by millions. But do these risks

make the footballers deserving of the millions bestowed upon them for doing a job, just like every other adult in this world? In Falcao’s case, I suppose only time will tell.

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