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Biting Back: Van Gaal needs to just get on with the job

By Graham Luney

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal really does need to take a chill pill and stop moaning.

He's been doing more crying this week than Northern Ireland's politicians.

Van Gaal has blasted United legends Gary Neville and Paul Scholes for having the cheek to comment on the club's fortunes.

Is anyone allowed to have an opinion on matters at Old Trafford other than Van Gaal?

Louis, you are being paid vast sums of money to perform this prestigious role at the Theatre of Dreams, just get on with it and if some criticism comes your way be prepared to take it on the chin like a manager who has unshakeable faith in what he is doing.

Ironically, his opponent this weekend, Ulsterman Brendan Rodgers, is also receiving stinging criticism after Liverpool's failure to hit the ground running this season.

Neville claimed on Monday that United and Liverpool resembled two pub teams this year while ex assistant manager Mike Phelan also weighed in with criticism of the club's physio department.

Belfast Telegraph columnist Scholes has argued that Manchester City's new academy is better than United's.

Van Gaal's response? "I don't think somebody who is living outside the community of Manchester United can judge how we are doing.

"It is based on no facts. I analyse everything and it is based on no facts."

So there you have it. Don't have an opinion on United because it's worthless.

Yet Van Gaal told us all to judge him after three months so perhaps he does care what we think.

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