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Brendan Rodgers more important to Liverpool than Luis Suarez

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With Steven Beacom

We've resisted the temptation so far, but today our Biting Back column is about the bloke who was biting back (or biting arm to be anatomically correct).

Yes, Liverpool star Luis Suarez, banned for 10 matches by the FA for chomping on Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic during last weekend's 2-2 draw at Anfield.

While jokes have been flying that it should have been an ATE game suspension, Suarez isn't laughing and is said to be distraught by the heavy suspension, which is the talk of football.

On Thursday Brendan Rodgers had his say. When he took over from Kenny Dalglish last summer, the Carnlough man promised that he would "fight for the club."

And fight he did in his press conference saying that while Suarez's actions were wrong the ban was too severe, insisting the FA had "punished the man" rather than the offence and adding that the player remains "part of the Liverpool family and the club's future."

More than any other fans, Liverpool supporters demand their managers stand up for them and their club. That's why Roy Hodgson never had a chance at Anfield.

Unlike Brendan, I believe, like many others, that Suarez let him down on Sunday, but Kopites watching will feel their boss stood up for the Liverpool cause and was counted.

Rodgers will definitely be a better manager for this experience and all that's happened at Anfield this season.

Even if Suarez stays, moving forward, the Ulsterman will be more important to Liverpool than the Uruguayan.

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