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Floyd Mayweather takes place among all-time greatest

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With David Kelly

Masterful, awe-inspiring and quite simply the best sportsman on the planet, Floyd Mayweather has carved out a career that defies all logic.

While many suggest the likes of Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant or Usain Bolt as the the rightful owner of the mantle of 'Greatest sportsman in the World', Mayweather stands above all.

Periods away from the ring, including a jail term and time spent on Dancing With The Stars in the States, failed to diminish his unique skills which have seen him enjoy a 16-year career and 45 straight victories.

Mayweather's record reads like a who's who of the finest boxers of the past decade. Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton, Miguel Cotto and on Saturday night 23-year-old Mexican star Saul Alvarez, have all fallen to the master's skills.

Such is world champion Mayweather's brilliance that even at 36 he remains pound for pound the best fighter in the world and in my opinion now among the top five pugilists of all time – some may even say the greatest of all time.

Allied to his athletic prowess and ring craft, Mayweather has also been building a bank balance that few can compare with. It is believed that he is already worth around $250m – his $50m dollar earnings from the Alvarez victory making him the highest paid sportsman in the world.

There has been talk that Amir Khan could face him in 2014 and if so, don't blink, because a victorious Mayweather will be on a private jet home before the last fan leaves the arena.

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