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Formula One's at risk of becoming a farce

By James Tait

Lewis Hamilton has been in glittering form for a dominant Mercedes team throughout this year.

Ahead of Formula One's season finale in Abu Dhabi this weekend, he has won 10 of the 18 races so far, setting seven fastest laps in the process.

The 29-year-old has lit up tracks throughout the globe in his quest for a second world crown, succeeding with seemingly impossible overtaking maneouvres in an era criticised for its predictability and lack of excitement.

There is a real chance, however, that he could fail to win the drivers title - thanks to a double points rule ludicrously introduced for the season's climax.

Team-mate and rival Nico Rosberg lies 17 points adrift in the overall standings and should he win at the Yas Marina on Sunday, Hamilton must finish second. Anything less and the German will snatch the title. Should Rosberg triumph in this fashion, the entire season would become a farce. Hamilton has proven to be the better driver during their head to heads this season - leading Rosberg home in a Mercedes one-two on eight occasions compared to his rival's three.

The idea of double points is an interesting one, but to have it in place for one potentially career-defining race is bizarre. A better idea would have been to offer twice the points for perhaps four races spread throughout the season, akin to the Majors in golf or tennis, including the likes of Monaco, one of the jewels in Formula One's crown.

Unless Hamilton emerges victorious in the title race, a shadow will forever be cast on this year's race for the world championship.

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