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Jose Mourinho talking rubbish in West Ham rant

With Steven Beacom

Jose Mourinho is one of the most compelling characters football has ever had. He's also a magnificent manager. The trophies he's won at Porto, Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid are evidence of that.

But now and again the self styled 'Special One' talks a load of rubbish.

After Wednesday night's scoreless draw between Jose's Chelsea side and West Ham at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho went off on one.

He accused the Hammers of playing "19th century football" adding that "it's very difficult to play a football match where only one team wants to play".

Jose would know because that was exactly the case when his Chelsea and Inter Milan sides attempted to stifle the free flowing might of Barcelona in the past!

Mourinho must have forgotten those matches.

I'm no fan of Sam Allardyce and it's true he doesn't exactly play 'the West Ham way' but his job is to keep them in the Premier League, not pander to Jose.

Had Allardyce focused on playing an open game rather than shutting up shop, Chelsea would probably have won with ease.

And another point given the ridiculous amount of money the Blues have spent under Roman Abramovich shouldn't they be beating West Ham regardless if they 'park the bus', to coin another Mourinho phrase, or not?

As it was Chelsea, now three points behind league leaders Manchester City, still had 39 efforts on goal. Perhaps Jose would be better advised having a go at his wasteful team instead of criticising West Ham's style.

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