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Juan Mata will slot in to Manchester United side no problem

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With Jonathan Bradley

Rather remarkably, there are some observers out there who believe that Manchester United's capture of Chelsea's best player over the past two seasons was a move the Red Devils shouldn't have made.

The argument apparently emanates from the idea that when both Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie return to full fitness, there will be no way of accommodating those two alongside £37m club record signing Juan Mata in the same starting line-up.

Such a notion recalls the decision of the Dallas Cowboys to pass on the opportunity to select Joe Montana in the NFL draft of 1979.

The rationale that day was that Montana, despite being the best player available, did not play in a position of need for the Cowboys.

Selected with the next pick by the San Francisco 49ers, Montana ended his career in the Hall of Fame with four Superbowl titles to his credit while the Cowboys didn't win the sport's biggest prize again until 1992.

One thing you can never have enough of in any sport is quality and Juan Manuel Mata García has that in abundance.

If Manchester United manager David Moyes has to work out a way to fit all the talent at his disposal into a working system – and remember, Rooney and RVP have started only seven league games together this season – it will be a more than pleasant problem to have.

As the midfielder will start to prove from tonight, the only people who should have concerns over this deal are fans of Everton, Liverpool and Spurs.

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