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Linfield manager Warren Feeney could learn from Glentoran legend

By Graham Luney

The Irish League always delivers plenty of thrills and spills and the 2014-15 campaign will be no different.

Warren Feeney's arrival in the Linfield dugout has given the cocktail added spice.

The big question we are all asking is will the former Northern Ireland international sink or swim in his new role.

I wouldn't like to be paying Warren's phone bill as he sets about recruiting talent over the summer.

Sammy Morrow, Chris Hegarty and Stephen Lowry have joined the Blues, but that's only the beginning of his recruitment drive.

There's a new squad and a new stadium taking shape at Windsor Park.

Warren must develop a deeper understanding of the Irish League and his coach Alfie Wylie is an important ally as he sets about the huge challenge of following in the footsteps of David Jeffrey.

Together with his assistant Andy Todd, Feeney will need time to become accustomed to working in the Linfield environment.

Going into his first managerial role, Warren will need sound advice.

He could learn a lot from someone who has been down this road before and who knows the hazards.

Someone who had to live with the pressure and still manufacture glory days.

Supporters dismiss the merits of a Director of Football but, ironically, it's possible the man Linfield needs is working for Glentoran.

He's the former Blues boss Roy Coyle.

Interested in a work placement, Roy?

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