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Luis Suarez ban will soon be old news

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With Jim Gracey

Prediction. Luis Suarez's four month ban from all football will be either reduced or part-suspended by Fifa when the dust is deemed to have settled and a decent interval served.

One day, around the beginning of September, when we're looking in another direction and the memory of that bite on the Italian Chellaini, that sparked the furore and ban, has dimmed, the news will slip out, probably in the middle of a Saturday Premiership programme, that the case has been reviewed and that Suarez is ready for rehabilitation.

And the reaction will be muted as his move to Barcelona hogs the headlines.

What Suarez did was reprehensible. Some people have called him an animal but unlike my cat who tends to take lumps out of me when excited or craving attention, Suarez knows right from wrong.

Yes, Suarez needs professional help for a similar affliction but he can afford it and so far he doesn't seem to have asked.

Why would he when whispers in his ear tell him a crafted apology days after the event will buy him his longed for £80million move from Liverpool to Barcelona?

Market forces rule in football. They buy votes, influence and players and clearly they are at work on Suarez's behalf, if not Liverpool's.

Watch Fifa wriggle out of this one and reward bad behaviour all round on the basis that two wrongs make a right packet.

If Arjen Robben can't be punished for admitting he cheated over a penalty appeal, then how can Suarez's four month ban stand when he has had the 'decency' to apologise? Think about it and watch this space.

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