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Manchester United can be cautiously optimistic ahead of Bayern Munich clash

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With Jim Gracey

Yes, the jury is out on David Moyes' continued stewardship of Manchester United.

A majority of the club's fans bought into Sir Alex Ferguson's endorsement of him as the Chosen One whose destiny was to ensure the continuation of the dynasty created by the man who made United.

Their mantra of In Fergie We Trust is a creed that has been sorely tested in a season of one step forward, two steps back by a side unrecognisable from that which annexed the league title by 11 points 10 months ago.

Moyes supposed shortcomings have been well-documented, chief among them his seemingly belated realisation that only the sheer force of Ferguson's personality could have carried that team across the line and that major surgery is belatedly required.

Opinion is massively split on whether he is the man to entrust with a £100m plus transfer war chest in the summer.

Results and the boardroom opinions that matter will decide that – not gimmicks like Saturday's 'Moyes out' fly-past protest over Old Trafford that purported to speak on behalf of "a significant proportion" of United fans but was booed when it flew within sight.

True United fans know the difference between doubting the manager and attempting to humiliate him from behind a cloak of anonimity.

The crass stunt backfired in that it served an unintended purpose by achieving the opposite of its stated intention.

Instead of causing further division, Old Trafford was again united and if Moyes can harness the mood, mighty Munich may just be about to experience some unexpected turbulence.

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