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Manchester United clear-out should not stop with David Moyes

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With Jim Gracey

As far back as September 30 last year, after what was to become a depressingly familiar and lamentable Manchester United performance, losing 2-1 at home to West Brom, I penned these words in this column.

'The trial and error approach of the first two months hasn't worked... Moyes needs to restore the fear factor as much as he needs time to rebuild his team. It's him or them... and for the United faithful, to see those underperforming players prevail would be the most frightening scenario of all.'

Well they have prevailed; he's gone and United supporters should still be worried. My advice to David Moyes back then was to take a figurative flamethrower to them and now someone else needs to start priming the petrol pump.

The clearout at Old Trafford must not stop with Moyes and his coaches. Those underperforming, undermining players who engineered his departure need to be taken on and shipped out behind him.

Already they're trying to influence who manages them next with murmurings against Louis van Gaal... good enough reason to appoint him.

In what other walk of life would you get it... the shop floor selecting the boss?

In football, the players have the power – or so they think. Sir Alex Ferguson had a habit of focusing minds by taking on and facing down some of the strongest personalities in the game from Jaap Stam to Roy Keane. It showed the others that no-one is bigger than the club or the manager.

It shouldn't hard for a tough, new manager to succeed where Moyes failed in taming a dissenting dressing room. Only Rooney, De Gea, Januzaj and Mata are worth keeping. Once again, it's him or them. This time, for a great club's sake, there must only be one winner.

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