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Manchester United were wrong to make Ryan Giggs interim manager

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With John Laverty

Making Ryan Giggs the interim manager of Manchester United is a big mistake. Here's why:

1. United will probably skate through their last few, meaningless, games under Giggs this season.

2. This will lead to a large percentage of Red Devils fans demanding that Giggs and his 'Class of '92' buddies to be given the job of running United full-time.

3. The United board, well aware that Moyes proved to be out of his depth, will resist the urge to install a rookie with no management experience whatsoever.

4. Giggs – and the aforementioned section of fans – will feel aggrieved.

5. The new manager's hands will be tied, right from the off, by the board, who will insist that the disappointed Giggs must be given a prominent role within the backroom staff.

6a. The enforced 'dream team' will get the new season off to a terrific start, leaving fans wondering if they couldn't have done that with Giggsy in sole control.

6b. The enforced 'dream team' will get the season off to a terrible start, leaving fans wondering if they couldn't have done better with the 40-year-old club legend in sole control.

7. Either of the aforementioned scenarios will lead to tension between the two main men over who should get the credit/blame for the great/poor start to the new campaign.

8. The tension will precipitate a schism in the dressing room between Giggs loyalists and the newbies brought in by the manager.

9. The outsider will ultimately be sacked.

10. I refer you back to 1.

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