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Mario Balotelli v Luis Suarez: Who would you rather have on your team?

By James Tait

As soon as rumours began to circulate that Mario Balotelli was being lined up as Luis Suarez's replacement at Anfield, the critics emerged. Comparisons between the two supposed 'bad boys' were hastily drawn up as media outlets and fans alike strived to determine which multi-million pound striker is weighed down by the heaviest baggage.

As it turns out, the answer isn't a tightly-run contest as one would originally think.

Ask yourself, which of the following would you rather have on your team?

One is a devout family man who married his childhood sweetheart and dreads the day when his two kids will learn of his misdemeanours. The other often stays out until the early hours in nightclubs across the world with various rumours of, er, high jinks.

One is committed to delivering for fans and team-mates, never lowering his work-rate or displaying a lack of passion when things aren't falling into place. The other looks like he would rather be elsewhere as he saunters around the pitch.

One lives for the thrill of football and revels in the adrenaline of a big-game atmosphere. The other is obsessed with what football can do for him in terms of the latest sports car or must-have gadget.

One has bitten an opponent on occasion amongst the countless moments of genius. The other has shown glimpses of brilliance amongst the many moments of downright stupidity.

However, statistics don't lie – one has a ratio of a goal every 139 minute; the other, every 140 minutes.

A £16m gamble worth taking, Brendan.

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