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Mistakes happen... Get over it.

Telegrpah Sport: where the debate really gets started

By Declan Bogue

On Sunday, during the live broadcast of Mayo against Roscommon on RTE, a curious incident occurred.

Mayo's Cillian O'Connor was shown on the screen, standing over a Mayo free.

Wearing number 15, the RTE production team flashed up a graphic stating 15 was Ciaran Murtagh.

It was indeed, but the graphic belonged to the Roscommon number 15, one Ciaran Murtagh.

With O'Connor in the shot, commentator Marty Morrissey informed us that Cillian O'Connor was about to take the free, pointing out helpfully that the Ballintubber man was Young Player of the Year for two years in succession. Once the graphic flashed up though, he corrected himself, saying, "But Ciaran Murtagh is taking this free."

He then said that he was only thinking of Cillian O'Connor because he was further down the field, injured.

No he wasn't. He was in the shot.

But then I recognised what happened Marty. It happens me the odd time too, but I am not proud of it.

I say something. Then it dawns on me that I might have got it wrong. Then I will say something else in the hope of covering up my mistake, just as Marty did when he said he was looking at O'Connor, lying down injured, when in fact he was standing taking a free. Caught out! Mortified!

Mistakes happen. Yet Sky Sports weren't shown much leeway when they captioned the Kilkenny v Offaly hurling match as a Connacht Football Championship tie.

But as I say, mistakes happen. Get over it.

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