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Rodgers has put Suarez on Liverpool naughty step

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With Steven Beacom

These days you take what Luis Suarez says or doesn't with a large pinch of salt. This week, the Uruguayan was quoted as saying that he wanted to stay with Liverpool after all. Next thing you know Suarez is denying the whole thing.

Tomorrow it could be that he is giving up football altogether to go into politics.

He's as unpredictable as he is annoying.

It is worth pointing out, though, that the way Brendan Rodgers has handled the snarling South American has won him much admiration from Kopites and fans of other sides.

Suarez has tried to bully Liverpool Football Club and Rodgers over the past couple of months, but the Ulsterman has stood firm and not submitted to his star player's demands to depart.

Liverpool's number seven has behaved like a naughty petulant child, wailing, whining and lashing out when he hasn't got his way.

Brendan has dealt with Suarez by effectively putting him on the naughty step, making him train away from the first team and asking for an apology before the forward returns to the fold.

He has shown Suarez and everyone else who is boss at Anfield.

The Carnlough native is a great guy and generous with his time and encouragement to all, but that should not be taken as a sign of weakness. Believe me, he's a tough character.

He likes his teams to play with 'steel and style' and has handled the Suarez situation in exactly that manner.

If Liverpool perform on the pitch this season the way Brendan has off it lately, they'll make the top four.

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