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Ronnie McFall may have too much choice

By Graham Luney

We all make mistakes in life. I remember being in Hong Kong once and needing to visit mainland China. On the travel visa application form I placed the word 'journalist' beside 'occupation'. One shake of the head from the lady with all the power and it became immediately clear I had committed a schoolboy error.

Needless to say by the time I reached the next travel agent I was a quantity surveyor.

You live and learn.

Which brings me on to football in mid-Ulster.

Portadown boss Ronnie McFall and his Glenavon counterpart Gary Hamilton aren't – to the best of my knowledge – trying to visit China but they do have similar headaches.

Rarely has there been so much attacking talent in this small part of the world.

But will too many cooks spoil the broth?

Ronnie has Gary Twigg, Mark McAllister and Darren Murray to select from while Gary has Eoin Bradley, Guy Bates and Kevin Braniff – as well as himself – to unleash on defences.

Just two up front or go with three? Play Braniff wide?

A three pronged attack didn't work for the Ports at Ballymena United but Murray and McAllister tortured Crusaders on Saturday.

Any manager would love to have such an array of attacking options but finding the right partnership is the challenge.

Players naturally want to play but they don't always relish playing in unfamiliar positions.

For McFall and Hamilton, it's important they keep their goal-getters playing with a smile on their face and inflicting maximum damage.

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