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Rory McIlroy autograph row brought out the serially offended

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With Jim Gracey

It may not seem like it sometimes, but, truly, we live in a democracy in which free speech and tolerance are the cornerstones. How else do you explain the airtime given to the pious prats finding fault on the back of one of the greatest sporting achievements we will ever be fortunate to laud?

Rory McIlroy's 'crime'? Sub-consciously neglecting to sign an autograph at the zenith of his Open golf triumph.

What else would you be thinking about?

The excited lad who broke the ropes clearly meant no harm, but who knew that? Rory was in the zone. Who wouldn't be?

All's well that ends well and there ought not to have been harsh judgements or recrimination, either way.

Strictly speaking, had Rory paused to sign that piece of paper before autographing his scorecard, he could have been disqualified as the rightful Open champion. Imagine the outrage from the same quarters if that had occurred?

Instead, the offended bus did the usual tour of the radio phone-ins. The same opportunist tut-tutters who denounced Darren Clarke for 'over-celebrating' his Open win with a pint or three. Who wouldn't?

Wait til they see Rory's Twitter feed pictures of him pouring Jägerbombs into the Claret Jug.

This righteous indignation on the radio is less about Rory and more about the attention-seekers phoning in. Democracy, free speech and tolerance are good.

But can we have a radio red button to spare us from the serially offended?

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