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Roy Hodgson in dreamland

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With Graham Luney

Can you remember your dreams? We dream some crazy stuff – I'm not prepared to discuss mine in the public domain.

But England manager Roy Hodgson dreams the craziest dreams of them all.

Hodgson has revealed that when he's in a deep sleep, he pictures winning the World Cup and returning home to a hero's welcome.

Yes I know... that's enough to make anyone wake up at 4am in a cold sweat!

There's no chance of it happening but even if it did materialise it would represent our worst nightmares – not our most cherished dreams!

Hodgson has been visiting the Amazonia Arena in Manaus where England will play their first group match in the tournament against Italy on June 14.

So perhaps he's suffering from a little jetlag and not thinking clearly.

The tropical heat and humidity in the Amazonian city can play havoc with our mind at times!

What Hodgson should be dreaming about is getting out of his side's World Cup group – even that is a huge ask with England pitted against Italy, Uruguay and Costa Rica.

Hodgson says: "You've got to, when you put your head on the pillow at night, imagine your team getting the greatest successes, playing very well and coming back to a hero's welcome because otherwise it would become a very boring exercise."

You've got to admire someone with such a romantic outlook on life.

Prepare to have a very boring summer, Mr Hodgson.

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