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Seve movie brings back classic Ryder Cup memories

By Ali Gordon

Everyone has their own particular sporting moment that remains imprinted in the memory.

Whether it's Northern Ireland's 1-0 victory over England, Ireland winning the Six Nations or Man United's 1999 treble... we remember where we were and what we were doing when it happened.

The 2012 Ryder Cup Miracle of Medinah is mine and arguably, it was down to the most charismatic sportsman ever, the late Seve Ballesteros.

Europe's final day fightback, coming from 10-6 down at the start of the day to eventually win the trophy by a point gripped golfers and non-golfers alike. Unless, of course, you're American.

And then there was Jose Maria Olzabal's speech amid the tears of grown women and men. Seve's presence was felt that day as the European players adopted his iconic navy jumper and white polo shirt and Olzabal declared: "All men die but not all men live and you made me feel alive again this week."

The new Seve movie has been panned by critics but why can't we just take time to celebrate his life? He made that losing Ryder Cup team feel alive and, after watching the movie, you will too.

Okay, it isn't the greatest movie I've ever seen.

Despite the director's claim that he took inspiration from the Senna movie, it isn't as good.

But it certainly makes you think. Seve won 87 titles from the most humble of beginnings proving you can be dealt a tough hand in life and still come up with the aces.

Who really cares that he fell out with Tour bosses and refused to swallow his pride? That's what made him so good to watch.Will there ever be someone as charismatic on a golf course again? I strongly doubt it.

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