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Why is Sir Alex Ferguson launching a book in this crucial week for Manchester United?

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With John Laverty

I am sure Sir Alex Ferguson's new book will be an entertaining read. After all, the last one was.

Listening to some people, you'd get the impression Fergie has never previously participated in a tome about his managerial career.

Sorry to disappoint the breathless, but 'Managing My Life' has been gathering dust on a book shop shelf near you for quite a while now.

Will it be possible to wring anything new from the taciturn Scot?

Well, early signs are not promising.

Apparently, the former Manchester United manager will be 'lifting the lid' on the 'flying boot' incident with David Beckham. Yawn.

And he'll also be telling us that it was a mistake to dump Jaap Stam at a time when the big Dutchman was probably the best central defender in the world.

You think? Those of us who watched in dismay as a long-past-it Laurent Blanc try to fill Stam's massive boots a dozen years ago will hardly be surprised by that. The bitter fall-out with striker Ruud van Nistelrooy? Got fed up hearing about that one a long time ago.

If Fergie wants me to sit up and take notice, he should let us all know how on earth one of the most limited squads in the last 20 years somehow managed to easily win the Premier League title last season.

And here's another question: why, as an ambassador for Manchester United, are you getting involved in this circus during a week when your club has a crucial Champions League game?

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