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Why isn't Cesc Fabregas forcing his way out of Barcelona?

By Stuart McKinley

DO you believe that there's no loyalty left in football? Why then do you think Cesc Fabregas isn't forcing his way out of Barcelona and Wayne Rooney hasn't lodged another transfer request at Old Trafford?

Well, it's all in the name of loyalty.

The two biggest moves of the summer – Fabregas to United and Rooney to Chelsea – continue to rumble on and it's got a lot more to do with the clubs they are due to leave than than those who want to sign them.

Loyalty bonuses are, in layman's terms, a tax-free incentive that clubs use to entice already mega-rich players as part of contracts which run into millions of pounds anyway.

Both Fabregas and Rooney will forfeit their right to the extra cash if they engineer their own moves, which is why they are playing cat and mouse with their clubs.

Barca DO want to sell Fabregas to Manchester United – the Old Trafford club wouldn't have upped their bid to £30m without a little encouragement from Catalunya – but they want the player to jump rather than be pushed.

And United DO want to take Chelsea's money in exchange for Rooney. Two things are holding up that particular move. though.

Firstly United chiefs are waiting for Rooney to say that he wants out and they will then do a deal with the Blues during the last few days of the transfer window.

Chelsea visit Old Trafford on August 26. United DON'T want him playing against them in that game, but he will depart for London shortly after .

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