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Stephen Craigan

Boyhood Celtic fan Shane Duffy must not let his emotions take control after fulfilling his dream

Stephen Craigan

Shane Duffy

After signing for Celtic this week, Shane Duffy declared that he has fulfilled his boyhood dream and his sole intention is to bring more success to the club.

I have to say I thought Duffy was very shrewd and measured at his first press conference, with no reckless statements or promises - that's a sign of an experienced player. He fully understands he's going into a dressing room that is littered with medals, and his aim is to add something to the team as they push for the historic 10-in-a-row.

Growing up as a Celtic fan immediately gives him that attachment to the supporters, and they know deep down he's one of their own. However, that alone isn't enough to be a success at a club the size of Celtic. Duffy will be judged simply by his performances on the pitch and not because of his past, but he will be well aware of that.