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Carrick have to weather storm

Carrick Rangers last played a home game on October 31. Unfortunately for them, their recent matches on home turf have fallen victim to the weather because the pitch hasn't been able to cope with all the rain.

It is a major worry, so much so that they are considering asking other clubs to swap fixtures with them during the awful weather - which boss a move which manager Gary Haveron will attempt to resist.

That would mean upcoming home games being played away.

I can see their point of view as they don't want a backlog of fixtures, but it doesn't really solve the problem of the pitch.

Carrick are losing revenue by not playing at home and having no money come through the turnstiles. That creates stress on the board and for Haveron.

I'm in favour of playing football on grass, but the move to artificial pitches has worked for both Crusaders and Cliftonville and I would imagine that Carrick, given the problems with their surface, must start thinking about going down the same route.

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