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Clubs should consider 4G pitches

By Scott Young

Carrick Rangers' pitch problems are a disaster for the club and I feel very sorry for their manager Gary Haveron who wants his side to become an established Premier League side.

I'm not a massive lover of artificial surfaces but sometimes club interests have to override personal preference and more teams are going to have to look at changing their playing surfaces.

I can understand why Windsor Park has a grass surface as the international venue but other clubs could benefit financially from looking at this option. How many games have Crusaders and Cliftonville had to call off at their grounds?

Clubs need to have money coming in to pay their players and keep them in business.

The 4G surfaces can be used by the community and it's possible that Carrick cannot put one down but it's a move clubs should consider. I know some players don't like the pitches but sometimes you have to look at the bigger picture and recognise the benefits of going 4G.

You have to always do what is right for the football club and no-one can tell me that Carrick Rangers aren't frustrated with their fixture pile-up.

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