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McBurney/Declan Bogue

Pictured Declan Bogue

Date: Thursday 12th April 2012

Location: BT Offices

Credit: Liam McBurney/RAZORPIX

Copyright: Liam McBurney/RAZORPIX

Liam McBurney - RAZORPIX


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Stephen Cluxton may well be tagged as ‘selfish’ but any goalkeeper should wear it as a badge of honour

Declan Bogue


Stephen Cluxton

Stephen Cluxton

©INPHO/Ryan Byrne

Stephen Cluxton

It’s often said that Gaelic football is a team game and a sense of ‘team’ has to be above every other value.

But that’s only an aspiration. Within teams, there has to be a ruthless individual that cares for themselves first and foremost, and that is the goalkeeper.

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