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Farney know that Ulster title is within their reach

By Peter Canavan

The Ulster championship can be an unforgiving arena in so many ways, and Monaghan will be fully conditioned to that threat tomorrow.

They are favourites. They are on the easier side of the draw. They have the experience that Cavan are still trying to accumulate. Monaghan know they are strong enough to win Ulster.

And yet, they'll equally be as aware of how everything could come crashing down tomorrow through a potential Cavan ambush.

Cavan have the talent. They have been talking for long enough now about their potential from all their Ulster U21 successes but most of this group are in their mid-20s and it's time to start delivering.

Their manager Terry Hyland admitted as much during the week. Cavan will know too that while Monaghan are at a more advanced stage in the graph of their development, there is still only so much higher they can go.

Some of the Monaghan players are already dancing in the last chance saloon.

Guys like Dick Clerkin and Vinny Corey have been unbelievable servants to Monaghan football but how much more can they really give? I wouldn't be surprised if this was Malachy O'Rourke's last year as manager.

Yet O'Rourke and Monaghan have enough experience and class to extricate themselves from a game as tricky as this one.

At the back of their minds, they know they will probably never get a better chance to win an Ulster title with this team.

That reality should push Monaghan over the line.

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