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Gambling laws must be obeyed

By Scott Young

We were all surprised to hear about the fine and suspension handed to Gareth McKeown for breaching betting regulations.

While we wait to see if Gareth will appeal the £1,000 fine and ban until the end of the season, the case highlights the need for our players to be aware of their responsibilities and the rules.

The Irish League may be largely part-time but the players know they must behave in a professional manner and that includes not betting on matches.

Player are told about the rules but it's up to them to abide by them.

There has always been a betting culture in football and it has also never been easier to place a bet as you can do it by reaching for your phone. A lot of these activities are done online and people are always looking to make more money. My advice to players is simply don't bet on matches or ask anyone else to do so on your behalf because you could be severely punished.

When I was doing my Pro-licence I was informed about betting syndicates and players have been banned for gambling on matches.

Don't do it and stay out of trouble.

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