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Banter, or is David Jeffrey video worth making a song and dance about?

By Graham Luney

So where were you when you watched the David Jeffrey YouTube video?

That was the Irish League's Susan Boyle moment – David opened his mouth and the world changed forever.

I could just picture an exasperated Simon Cowell looking on. 'Stick to the football management, David'.

Personally, I thought he owned the stage, got the deep notes spot on and worked the audience like a true showman.

Throw in a few backing dancers and you've got Robbie Williams.

Jim Kerr is the Linfield chairman when he isn't touring with Simple Minds so perhaps David just wanted to say 'Don't you forget about me.'

It was one of those videos you watched while simultaneously shaking your head and laughing.

If Jimmy Callacher goes on to join Linfield you would have a hard job finding a more hilarious transfer from one Irish League club to another.

The two most appropriate words for DJ's performance are 'cringeworthy' and 'embarrassing' and the Linfield boss has acknowledged that.

A sincere apology was forthcoming and Jeffrey has learned a harsh lesson.

In fact, let it be a lesson to other players and managers because it could easily happen to them.

So are you offended or can we dismiss David's actions as 'banter'?

Banter is something fans can get away with, but the manager of a club the size of Linfield must conduct himself in an appropriate manner and David will reflect on the fact he failed to meet those standards.

He is under enormous pressure to win the league this season and he's simply heaped more pressure on himself.

Linfield chiefs, not all of whom would be willing to stand by their manager in a fierce storm, didn't hold back when they said: "The Board of Directors find the content of this video to be deplorable, deeply embarrassing and contrary to the best traditions of Linfield Football Club."

The incident came hot on the heels of Glentoran's statement expressing their annoyance at Callacher so the timing couldn't have been worse, but whether you like or loathe Jeffrey, the fact is the Irish league would be a lot less colourful without him.

He just needs to leave the singing to Jackie Fullerton.

All eyes are now on the Boxing Day battle at the Oval but already it's Eddie Patterson 1 David Jeffrey 0.

The Glens boss chose not to kick a man when he's down by commenting on David's vocal talents.

As Ronan Keating might say, you say it best when you say nothing at all.

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