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James Lawton: Chelsea captain John Terry would do better in the shadows

While Uefa says that John Terry will be permitted to raise up the Champions League trophy if his Chelsea team-mates, for a second time, overcome their captain's absence from the field, the Premier League has absolved Anton Ferdinand from the need to shake hands with the man he accuses of racial abuse.

When you also remember the division he caused before the last World Cup, and that England are still without a manager so close to the European Championship partly because of Fabio Capello's stand on Terry's behalf, it is not easy to quantify the disruptive impact of a man who has been so well rewarded by the game he professes to love.

One thing is certain. It is that Terry, who has of course provided superb service to Chelsea down the years, might retrieve some respect if he said that in Munich nothing would become him more than the lowest possible profile. He should think about it more carefully than he has so many things in his too often self-destructive life.

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