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James Lawton: Generosity and style alive between Arsenal and Spurs

The firestorm that engulfed Harry Redknapp at the Emirates on Sunday was as extreme as the pleasure Arsenal's brilliant second-half performance brought to Arsène Wenger.

It might also have triggered reactions unworthy of two managers who have, for a variety of reasons, been operating under fierce pressure these last few months. But it didn't.

While Redknapp was understandably dismayed by the collapse of the team that has performed with such distinction this season, he was not slow to give credit to Arsenal's residual ability to play superior football.

Wenger spoke of his relief that his players had found some of the best of themselves despite such heavy pressure.

Style and generosity are perhaps not the bedrocks of post-game interrogation but here they were. It was certainly not the least cause for celebration on an extraordinary afternoon.

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