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James Lawton: Kenny Dalglish may be the only man to restore Liverpool's pride

Roy Hodgson is a good football man with a respectable body of work behind him but he might privately admit now that he has inherited not a job but a nightmare.

It is in this light that he should bear up despite the cries from the Kop for the iconic Kenny Dalglish.

The argument that Hodgson should be given some time to reinvigorate Liverpool remains an honourable position but increasingly it also seems untenable. Cries for Dalglish make a certain kind of sense. He knows Liverpool, the extent of the disasters that unfolded under the reigns of Gérard Houllier and Rafa Benitez – and the shameful neglect of responsibility implicit in the sale of the club to the American owners.

Dalglish's indignation at what has happened to a club to which he contributed so much distinction might just serve as a rallying point. Heaven knows, Liverpool haven't required one so desperately since the time Bill Shankly was summoned.

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