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Busy Guy up for another Dunlop showdown

By Paul Lindsay

Enigmatic Guy Martin will be gunning for a ninth Scarborough Gold Cup title this coming Sunday at Oliver's Mount. And whilst RC Express Kawasaki mounted new kid on the block Dean Harrison is being touted as Martin's main rival, the Tyco Suzuki star really wants the scalp of Ballymoney's four time TT winner Michael Dunlop.

"Yeah Michael's a good old boy and I'd like to see him at Scarborough, " said Martin, opening an invitation to the Honda star who won both Superbike races last weekend at Killalane.

"I beat him last time out in his back yard at the Ulster Grand Prix, so maybe it's time for him to come and challenge me in my back yard at Scarborough," Lincolnshire rider Guy joked respectfully. "He's certainly fast, but I'm not sure his style really works at Oliver's Mount, but we will see. It would certainly be good to see him there."

When he isn't riding for Hector and Philip Neill's Moneymore-based team, Guy is off filming his quirky TV series' or tinkering with trucks in his day job as a fitter.

His schedule is always jam-packed and he reviewed his next 10 days with us, looking ahead to this weekend's Gold Cup, followed by a trip to Le Mans for the famous 24-Hour Race on September 21 with French based Suzuki team R2CL. Of course all meticulously planned around his current truck yard and filming commitments. "I'm in Wales filming for a couple of days then it's up to Scarborough for Friday and Saturday, then on Monday morning – hopefully with the Gold Cup secured – I head for France on a freight boat out of Portsmouth. I'll get some shut-eye for five or six hours then dock and drive to Le Mans," he retorted, in his usual fast-track no nonsense vernacular.

Martin (pictured) has competed at Le Mans previously with Alf's Kawasaki back in 2007, but having recently re-confirmed himself as a TAS Suzuki rider for 2014, under the watchful eye of team manager Philip Neill, he's keen to impress at the French event.

"I rode with Adam Jenkinson and Craig Fitzpatrick in that Alf's team and I was the fastest rider and got to start the race. All that running across the track stuff, it was mega – the best thing I've ever done," Martin recounted with enthusiasm.

"These French Suzuki boys are not playing at it, and although I could do without a week away, I'll make a bit of a holiday out of it. I just need someone to come along and help me out and give me head massages between sessions," he joked.

Guy is anything but foolish, and knows it's the perfect opportunity to put his name in the hat for 2014 on the World Endurance scene. "I'll be giving it my all; there will be no half jobs from me at Le Mans. I'm sorted with Philip and Hector for the roads, but I'd like to do a good job and also ride a Suzuki in World Endurance next season for more bike time."

Bringing him back to the weekend ahead on his home territory Scarborough, he concluded: "I'm not sure how I've won so many races up there, I just like the circuit.

"I finished second to Gary Jess in 2002 and since then we've just kept on winning.

"Harrison will certainly push me and if Michael Dunlop comes then yeah, great. But the Tyco Suzukis are good enough for the job wet or dry."

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