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Candid Jonathan Rea tells why he had to quit Honda for Kawasaki

By Paul Lindsay

In an interview to be published in Bikesport News later this week, Ballyclare World Superbike star Jonathan Rea reveals: "I had to stop doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. To be world champion I had to make a change."

Rea goes on to explain the complexity, yet ease, of his decision to leave Honda after spending eight seasons with them at world level. He also talks of his relationship with new team-mate and fellow Brit Tom Sykes at Kawasaki.

"Our relationship is strange. Tom and I were a lot closer in the past than we are now; we attended each other's weddings," said Rea. But he went on to say: "Tom has had an amazing three seasons, but I think sometimes he forgets he has also had tough times. He has improved as a rider but he has been on one of the most competitive bikes."

Honda did initiate a potential Open class ride for Rea this year in MotoGP, but he didn't mince his words in summing up his decision to reject a ride where he would simply be making up the numbers.

"Honda were trying to steer me onto an Open class bike, but I felt like I deserved a shot on a factory bike," he said.

"It was a good salary, but it depends how big your expenses are. This is my passion, my life, but it is also my job. I felt a bit like I had been waiting for the GP train with a good bike for quite a while - waiting at the station for the train that never comes."

Dates and a venue for that great motorbike man Billy Nutt's annual show and season curtain-raiser, the 2015 Adelaide/Blackhorse Motorcycle Festival, will be announced today.

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