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Kennedy looks to send out consistent message

Dublin's Jack Kennedy is firmly enjoying his debut season in World Supersport with Russian based RivaMoto Honda; even if team manager Jeremy McWilliams has been tasked with the job of translating his thick Dublin brogue, into a more 'ear friendly' form of English for his Russian mechanics!

"They understand English but have trouble understanding my Dublin accent," Kennedy laughed. "But my team-mate and one of the other Russian lads are now starting to imitate my Dublin accent and it's very funny."

The 25-year-old is currently holding eighth place in the standings.

"I've just been taking in as much as I can as we go along," he explained. "Everything is like double from last year: time on track; how far you've to travel; the length of the race; the temperature. I'm really enjoying it and it's a championship I want to stay in, so I've just got to be consistent."

Kennedy took sixth place at Donington Park and Portimao in Portugal during back-to-back rounds in May and June, and with Silverstone another familiar circuit from his British championship campaign last year with Mar-Train Racing – he's looking for more of the same on Sunday.

"It'll be nice to go out from the first session and not worry about having to learn anything about the track," he said. "My first race in Australia was a shock to the system in 35 degrees at a new circuit, but more endurance training has helped me. The Honda goes really well, and we are getting stronger at every round but it's all about consistency."

He added: "I'd like to be here with the RivaMoto Team next year and also working with Jeremy, as he's been so good to work with this year, but we'll have to wait and see."

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